Types of Qiraat

 Types of Qiraat

Al-Mustadrak Alaa Al-Sahihain is a publication in the scientific research of Hadith; nonetheless, the author of the book dedicated one phase for Qiraat (analyses or recountings of the Quran) and so he added to the scientific research of Qiraat.

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The researcher adopted an analytical approach by mapping Qiraat as well as prophetic customs pointed out in the phase of Qiraat of Al-Mustadrak by identifying them and identifying the credibility of the pythonic traditions on these Qiraat.

It was likewise discovered that there are four types of Qiraat in Al-Mustadrak particularly, Mutawatir Qiraat in Sahih Hadith, Mutawatir Qiraat in Dhaif 'weak' Hadith, Shath Qiraat in Sahih Hadith, and Shath Qiraat in Daif Hadith.


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